On the 9th September 2021 this exciting new section, tailor made for 4 and 5 year olds, was launched. Squirrels get to be active, explore nature and have fun learning outdoors with friends, like all other Scouts. Many have joined in with scouting at home with their older siblings during the pandemic, so now is their chance to join in for real!

Please remember this is a completely new provision so will take some years to roll out across all 8 Districts in the county (to put this in context there are only 3 Squirrel Dreys authorised to start in Cambridgeshire before the end of 2021, so there is not yet likely to be anything local to you just yet). It is really important that you only use the following  to express an interest:

This will help us plan where there is local demand, ensure we can keep you informed of when a Drey will be opening in your area and pass details on – your local Group will just signpost you here (and they would appreciate being able to concentrate on getting existing sections back up and running after the pandemic).

The Royal Foundation’s research on early years recently recognised the lifelong benefits of good quality early education. Ofsted research has also shown that in communities hardest hit by the pandemic, early years children have returned less confident and more anxious after lockdowns.

The emphasis for Squirrels will be on having outdoor adventures, making new friends and learning new things, recognised by a new set of badges. Squirrels creates a positive, safe environment for young children to develop, as they learn essential skills for life.

New Squirrels will get to learn new skills and meet new friends while pitching a blanket tent, planting seeds or learning how to spend 50p in a local shop. The programme is crafted to help them develop teamwork, communication, creativity, community awareness and other core skills. New badges that Squirrels can earn will include Feel Good, Be Active, Explore Outdoors, Brilliant Builder and Exciting Experiments.

Most Squirrel Dreys will meet for 1-1½ hours, term time only.

Once old enough Squirrel Scouts are able to move up to Beaver Scouts