Items For Sale or Donation

There are times when any Scout Group / Unit / District has a “clear out” and whilst some items are beyond use there are often things that can be donated / sold to others across Cambridgeshire. This can help raise funds, make the money stretch further and also free up some storage space. All items will be deleted from this page after 30 days. All terms and conditions, including liability, are between the parties involved irrespective of whether items are sold / donated.

Likewise there are some organisations across the county that provide items for free / reduced cost for community groups like scouting.

If you would like to advertise such items, or add more organisations to the list below, please submit a story with full details.

Bits and Bobs Scrapstore 
Based in March
Reimagine Resource Centre
Based at Witchford recycling centre, Ely

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