Mike Wenham, District Chair, Cromwell District – Bar to the Silver Acorn

Mike has been involved in scouting since at least 1985 in a variety of roles. His current role of Cromwell District Chair (for the past 20 years!) actually hides the huge range of things he does in support of local scouting. Mike heads the team responsible for the Copley Scout Centre and spends many hours every week on everything from routine maintenance on site to call outs when groups are on site. Mike’s achievements are evident in the continuing high state of maintenance, improvement and renewal of the Headquarters building and camp site. Mike is also the prime mover for a number of major District events, including the all sections camps for up to 400 young people and the annual District St. George’s Day celebrations. He is a font of knowledge and is constantly sharing his experience and skills to help other scouting volunteers.

Niamh Clark, Explorer Scout, Cromwell District – Chief Scout’s Award for Meritorious Conduct

Jamie Hewison, Explorer Scout, Cromwell Explorer scout Unit, Cromwell District – Chief Scout’s Award for Meritorious Conduct

Jamie and Niamh are Explorer Scouts from Cromwell ESU and are also members of the County Youth Media Team.

Their Awards were as a result of them being at Niamh’s grandmother’s house one morning when she collapsed following an apparent heart attack. They remained calm, Niamh called the emergency services and Jamie performed CPR until the ambulance crew arrived. Throughout all of this, and during the journey to hospital and the rest of the day they provided support. They were credited by family and professionals with saving a life and preventing brain damage through their actions, a great demonstration of team work and the scouting spirit in the face of such a challenging situation.

Jake Edwards, Explorer Scout, Ramwell Explorer Scout Unit, Cromwell District – Chief Scout’s Award for Meritorious Conduct

Jake was passing a house when he was approached and asked if he knew anything about first aid as the lady of the house had “cut her finger”. He agreed to help and on further inspection found that the lady had in fact amputated one finger and partially amputated a second. He acted to reduce the bleeding and asked the man present to call an ambulance. Jake showed the man what to do to help the lady and spoke to the ambulance service, clearly explaining the scenario to encourage a prompt response – arriving in just a few minutes the ambulance crew then dealt with the situation. Jake remained to help search for the missing finger, which turned up in a pile of wood chips!

Mike Philbey, Group Scout Leader, 1st Littleport, Ely District – Bar to the Silver Acorn

Mike, known affectionately as “Jester” by 1st Littleport, has been a Scouting volunteer for almost 40 years – and has held his current Group Scout Leader with the Group for the last 6 years.

Mike leads a strong Scout Group that continues to grow, adding both a new Cub Pack and Scout Troop in the past year and is enthusiastic to pass on his Scouting skills through his role as Local Training Manager. He will turn his hand to any task required, his current project is repairing and replacing the damaged camping stock in the Group’s store. He is a tireless fundraiser attending all of the Scout Group’s bake sales and is keen to ensure that the Scout Group is well represented in the locality.

He regularly runs activities at local events, such as Littleport’s “Crowning Around” and Ely’s “Aquafest”, encouraging members of the public to get a taste for Scouting – this year you’re likely to see stalls ranging from selling baked goods to virtual canoeing!

When asked about his award Mike said “Scouting for me is about making friends and having fun, as well as making it possible for more adults and young people to join in the adventures and learn skills for life too.”

Greg Jones, Scout Active Support Unit Manager (SWAN), Peterborough District – Bar to the Silver Acorn

Greg is Manager of the Peterborough District SWAN Active Support Unit. SWAN is a unique activity, where Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members from across Cambridgeshire and other UK Districts take part in a week-long sailing adventure on the Norfolk Broads. Explorer and Network members participate as a five to six person crew, living aboard a classic yacht and navigating the rivers and broads. Not only is this a life forming adventure, participants also learn how to sail a Norfolk Broads yacht. Many young people and adults progress year on year in terms of their crew role, to becoming a skipper. There are typically six to eight boats (i.e. 30 to 40 Explorers and Network members) each year.

SWAN is a huge team effort and its success is a testament to the magnificent work undertaken by Greg in leading and managing his adult volunteer team, plus Network members and Explorers, to achieve this.

Greg is also Scout Leader at the 2nd Nene (St Peter’s) Air Scout Group. For 34 years he has consistently delivered a balanced Scout Troop programme focussed on outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and expeditions. He is truly committed to the development of young people in Peterborough District, empowering Patrol Leaders in particular, to plan and deliver exciting and adventurous programmes,

Louise Smith, Assistant District Commissioner (Support), Ely District – Bar to the Silver Acorn

Louise is one of the longest serving volunteers in Ely District and has always been there to offer advice and guidance to new adults taking up leadership roles and for young leaders progressing into adult roles.

In 2017 a new Cub section was launched in Wilburton, with Louise as a Cub Scout Leader running the weekly meetings and interacting with parents to get the Group off the ground.

When Louise is not enjoying her weekly Cub Scouting she is a member of the District Appointments Advisory Committee, offering sound advice and a friendly face to new adult volunteers every month. She also helps many through their training as a Training Adviser and assists more established leaders in gaining their Nights Away Permits.

Louise is much admired by all in Ely District and deserves this recognition, especially because of the number of young people that have enjoyed their Scouting and progressed to becoming fantastic leaders thanks to her guidance, advice and support over the years.

Frank Lee, Group Scout Leader, 11th/9th, Cambridge District – The Silver Acorn

Frank is an outstanding Group Scout Leader, providing support to a large leadership and volunteer team. He has a wealth of experience which he shares freely but he is also very supportive of leaders trying things a different way, happy to explore new ideas and options that leaders may come up with.

He joined the Newnham based Group in 1995 as a student leader and has been a stalwart ever since. When he took over the Troop there was only 1 patrol of Scouts and, under his leadership and guidance, the Group has grown from strength to strength – it now boasts a fully subscribed Beaver Colony, Cub Pack and two Scout Troops, along with a highly successful partnership agreement with Newnham Explorer Scout Unit.

Steve Gamble, Group Scout Leader, 14th Nene (West Town), Peterborough District – The Silver Acorn

Steve has been Group Scout Leader at the 14th Nene (West Town) Scout Group for the last 17 years. His commitment to Scouting within his Group and Peterborough District has been highly consistent over the years. He runs a successful team and always ensures that he provides support to all the leaders in the Group. Steve loves camping and has run many camps and outdoor activities, including Family Camps and Joint Camps with other Groups in Peterborough District.

Steve has been an active member in Peterborough’s Gang Show for many years, both as a cast member as well as supporting and advising the younger members of the Gang by passing on his many years of stage experience.

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