Whilst no adult joins scouting for any form of recognition it is always welcome, and can be anything from a huge grin from an excited muddy Beaver Scout to a more formal scouting Award.

Anyone in scouting can nominate any volunteer for a Scout Association Award but we know that the process can seem confusing, from how the process works to who you submit a nomination to (different Awards are dealt with at different levels – from District to County to HQ). In Cambridgeshire we have a County Adult Awards Advisory Panel who are there to:

  • help individuals, Groups, Units and Districts navigate their way through the process
  • review all relevant nominations to ensure general consistency, in terms of level of Award and the wording used in nominations
  • make nominations where relevant
  • submit relevant nominations from across the County to Scout Association HQ

To find out more take a look at the Scout Association Award scheme.

To contact the Cambridgeshire Adult Awards Advisory Panel, for advice or to make a relevant nomination, simply Get in Touch