During their time in any section our young people work hard to achieve a range of activity and challenge badges, and as recognition of just a bit more effort they can each earn their Chief Scout Award and Young Leader Belt.

Not only does this show that they have actively participated in scouting, and made the most of the opportunities offered, but that they have learned a range of skills (both practical and personal) in the process. The Chief Scout Award earned in the previous section can be worn on uniform in the next one in recognition of this significant achievement.

In the most recent figures currently available (year to 31st January 2019) 714 young people across Cambridgeshire had earned their Chief Scout Awards (354 Bronze, 241 Silver, 119 Gold, 8 Platinum and 2 Diamond). 9 Young Leaders completed their Young Leader belt buckle.

With programme and activity support and events, for leaders as well as the young people, we look forward to seeing these numbers continue to rise in the years ahead.

The Scouting Associations top award,The Queen’s Scout Award was given out to two people.

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