Members and Trustees of any age are covered through the annual membership fee – and it is an urban myth that you need to be in uniform to be covered (after all you wouldn’t swim in your uniform would you….).

Each Group / Unit / District / County may then need to take out additional insurance to cover a range of additional resources (such as buildings and vehicles), people (such as parent helpers or non member children) or events (such as a camp).

Personal possessions are not covered through scouting.

Unity Insurance is a wholly owned part of the Scout Association, contact them to :

  • check what level of cover is provided and who is covered
  • obtain a copy of the Public Liability insurance
  • request a quote for additional cover (although as always it pays to shop around and compare quotes with other providers, and  check the finer details to ensure you compare “like for like”).

Further information is available from the Scout Association too.