District Commissioner

Graham Smith


Deputy District Commissioners

Ian WeatherallPerception
Elaine ChamberlainProgramme
Paul BeanAdult Support


Other Commissioners

Mark BellDistrict Explorer Scout Commissioner
Bob GroomDistrict Scout Network Commissioner
Abbie WellsDistrict Youth Commissioner


District Leaders

Conan FryerScouts
Mark BellMatrix ESU
Mel SeymourTigers ESU
Darrell GardinerYL ESU


District Executive Committee

Alex RaynerDistrict Chair

District Secretary: Emma Rayner

District Treasurer: Ian Weatherall

Executive Committee Members: Abbie Wells, Adam Thorpe, Bob Groom, Darrell Gardiner, Elaine Chamberlain, Graham Smith, John Wells,  Katy Bond, Louise Smith, Mark Bell, Paul Bean and Stuart Cree


District Appointments Advisory Committee

Katy BondDistrict Appointments Advisory Commitee Chair

District Appointments Secretary: vacant

District Appointments Members: Abbie Wells, Ben Barrett, Darrell Gardiner, Ian Weatherall, John Wells, Louise Smith, Nicky Garrett, Paul Bean and Penny Hamlyn