District Commissioner

Sue BestDistrict Commissioner

Deputy District Commissioner

Tony BestDeputy District Commissioner

Other District Commissioners

Georgie GodbyADC - Beaver Scouts
Callum DickersonADC - Cub Scouts
Vacant PostADC - Scouts
Pete GrahamDistrict Explorer Scout Commissioner
Pete Graham District Network Scout Commissioner

 District Leaders

Vacant PostBeaver Scouts
Helen MearisCub Scouts
Vacant PostScouts
Pete GrahamCromwell ESU
Lynne RadboneCromwell YL ESU
John TaylorNulli Secondi ESU
Vacant PostRamwell ESU

 Other District Roles

Mike WenhamDistrict Chairman

District Treasurer: David Kerr

District Secretary: Kim Brown Mills

Executive Committee Members: Barry Sheard, John Hancox, Margaret Perryman, Pete Graham, Sarah McConnachie-Kessel and Tony Best

Margaret PerrymanDistrict Appointments Advisory Commitee Chair
Note – Email goes to Jackie Daniels

District Appointments Secretary: Jackie Daniels

District Appointments Members: Gordon Hassell, Jane Warren, John Hancox, Jules Psaila and Steve Canham

Jackie DanielsDistrict Scout Active Support Manager
Barry SheardCromwell Mountain Club Scout Active Support Manager
Jane WarrenDistrict Badge Secretary