Cambridgeshire County Commissioner

Chris Ward
Responsible for – managing and supporting Cambridgeshire Scout County to ensure it runs effectively, delivering good quality Scouting for young people and proactively developing the team of adult volunteers.
David BristonProtect, Growth & Development
Responsible for – F2F return; identify and actively support the sustainable growth and development of new, and existing, scouting provision
Suzi KanePeople
Responsible for – recruiting and retaining more, well trained, better supported and motivated adult volunteers and young people, from diverse backgrounds
Louise CloverPerception
Responsible for – using tools and branding so that scouting is clearly understood, more visible, trusted, respected and seen as playing a key role in today’s society.
Ian DugdaleProgramme
Responsible for – a fun, enjoyable, high quality programme consistently delivered and supported by simple (digital) tools. Equipping Leaders with skills and knowledge
Colin DanielsSupport
Responsible for – County Office, IT infrastructure, special projects, support to District Commissioners and deputises for the County Commissioner as required.