Meet our Team

Cambridgeshire’s County Team is made up of Team Leaders, Subject Matter Specialists, Advisers and Team Members, including 8 District Commissioner who manage Scouting across the County.

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Senior Leadership Team

Chris Ward
County Commissioner
Colin Daniels
Deputy County Commissioner
David Briston
County Transformation Lead & Deputy County Commissioner
Will Bull
County Growth Lead

Growth & Development

Will Bull
County Growth Lead
Di Philbey
County Leader - Growth
Penny Bull
County Leader - Growth
Tony Claydon
County Analyst


David Briston
County Transformation Lead
Chris Wood
County Adviser - website


David Briston
Website Manager
Louise Clover
County Adviser
Neil Bulman
County Active Support - Event Photography

County Office & Support Team

Colin Daniels
County Office Manager
Jo McGowan
County Secretary & Badge Secretary
Russell Challis
Adviser - Microsoft Office
Stefan de Kock
Adviser - Microsoft Office


Phil Garrett
Assistant County Commissioner - Large Events
Di Philbey
Assistant County Commissioner - Beaver Scouts and County Advisor - Squirrel Scouts
Bob Groom
Assistant County Commissioner - Explorer Scouts & County Network Scouts Commissioner
Elaine Chamberlain
Assistant County Commissioner - Activities
Conan Fryer
Assistant County Commissioner (Global) - role formerly known as Assistant County Commissioner (International)
Ron Buchet
County Leader - Explorer Scouts
Sue Best
County Leaders - Beaver Scouts
Tori Smith
County Leader - Beaver Scouts
Neil Eccles
County Leader - Explorer Scouts
Simon Keen
Splash Active Support Unit Manager
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls