By Owen

“Last night was the opening show and it was the most fantastic experience ever! There were 40,000 Scouts from 150 different countries in one place, all equally excited and happy to be together. The show started with the songs ‘The Circle of Life’ and ‘He Lives in You’ from The Lion King, being sung by Lebo M. (The singer from the Lion King). Bear Grylls then descended from the top of the stage on a rope and harness and spoke about the unity that Scouting brings. We then had a performance by a band called Recycled Percussion who played music using stepladders and food blenders! It was finished off by a wonderful drone/firefly light display.

Today my patrol are ‘duty patrol’ meaning we have to do all the cooking, cleaning and shopping for the Cambridgeshire Unit, meaning we have to stay local to our campsite. Even so, we have still managed to attend an event where we were on a live chat with an astronaut (who is also a Scout leader) on the International Space Station, meet people from many different countries and learn about the history of the Czech Republic!”

You can view the video here in it’s entirety