Young people from across Cambridgeshire joined thousands of others, from 47 different countries, to melt away those winter blues for an action packed weekend of virtual, interactive fun!

From the 15th to the 17th January a huge range of over 200 creative, active, skill, sustainable development goals, games, science and challenges were available for all ages – many linked to badges. 

The activities included making armpit fudge and earth mallows, a live game of Dungeons & Dragons, sessions with two Scout Ambassadors, a bake off, navigation skills, flight tests, Raspberry Pi, a workout with the British Army, the RAF Red Arrows, fire building and cooking with Bushscout, camp fire (with singing of course) and a disco!

There was also Wintercamp TV and Wintercamp Radio, all broadcasting live over the weekend offering music and interactive fun whilst they completed their activities.

Everyone was encouraged to either make a den inside to sleep in, or to wrap up warm and camp (just like they would at the non virtual event) – all be it this time in their gardens.

Here’s what the organisers had to say :

“We would like to send our thanks to all the Leaders, Parents and Carers who have helped make this weekend possible for their young people!

When the 7 of us, all volunteers, sat down and started to talk about how we could make Wintercamp happen virtually 6 months ago, little did we know how big it was going to be, in fact, on Friday night at 6pm we still didn’t know how far reaching this event would be!

In one day alone we had over 13,000 taking part – visiting the website, watching live TV, taking part in activities and joining in all of the Wintercamp fun.

Thank you for welcoming us into your homes, engaging with us, sharing your pictures, and all your positive feedback over the weekend, it has really spurred us on!

We would also like to extend our thanks to Scout Ambassadors Megan Hine and Dwayne Fields, all the Scouts Supporters, National Scout Active Support Units and other amazing individuals for joining us over the weekend as well – its been a blast!”

Feedback included “It has been a fantastic opportunity to rejuvenate both leaders and youth members reminding us all how interactive scouting is, and can be ” and “The girls have loved this weekend cooking outside, challenges on the website, camped out in the dining room, Both very tired tonight and smelling of wood smoke, as they should after camp!”

Enjoy the photos from 1st Hemingfords and Hinchingbrooke District, and to find out more about how adults and young people can join the adventure just get in touch.