The Art of Warhammer

By Jack Levet

My time at Warhammer with 2nd Chatteris Scouts.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Warhammer shop in Peterborough. My mum took me and 4 other scouts, we were all very excited. It was a wonderful experience and made me interested in it, I’ve asked my mum to buy me the game for my birthday. There was 10 of us in the group and we played a simple version of the game. We had to use plyers to retrieve the parts and slot them together. I loved building the figures to play in the game. It took a lot of concentration, but I really enjoyed it. I cannot wait to paint my character. We also got to play a game of zombie’s verses space marines and I won the first game. Many of us enjoyed the game and had fun overall. With my pocket money I brought a Warhammer magazine that I loved reading at home. The man at Warhammer also gave us all free books/stories and a box to keep our models in. Altogether I had a thrilling time at Warhammer, and I wish to go again soon.

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