If you are aged 18 or over why not start the New Year by trying something new, and if you are already a scouting volunteer perhaps encourage a friend to give it a go!

Our 4 week challenge is ideal for learning a bit more about Cambridgeshire Scouts (and would make a great New Year’s resolution):

  • Week 1 – Come and see what we do
  • Week 2 – Help out
  • Week 3 – Get a little more involved
  • Week 4 – Decide if volunteering with us is for you

Who knows, if you enjoy what you see then perhaps you might stay a bit longer…..

Take a look through our News Archive to see some of the activities all ages have enjoyed in the past year. You can contact your local Scout Group direct, or use our Get in Touch form (there are also some County roles on our opportunities page too).

Information about scouting for young people is here

2020 picture from freepik