SWAN’ing about on the river…

By Matthew Plant

“The Swan Expedition is an eight day sailing expedition occurring every Easter.

It was founded 1950 by ‘The Admiral’ Geoff Keighley (1924 –2008). It now includes members from as far afield as Shropshire, Hampshire, Devon, Mid-Wales, Cheshire, Cambridgeshire, Sussex, Kent, Derbyshire, Surrey, Wiltshire, Norfolk and Cumbria.
The course is run by Peterborough Scouts and includes scouts and explorer scouts from many different parts of both Cambridgeshire and other parts of the country. Those taking part are allocated to boats so that there is a variety of experience in the crew plus one or two instructors, so those going for the  first time are likely to be the youngest in their crew. The week concentrates on many aspects of sailing skills on both tidal and non tidal stretches of inland waters. Note that it does not involve going out to sea! The idea is that it is a course that scouts can return to each year as they move through explorers, build up their skills and eventually become boat skippers.
Accommodation and cooking is on board the boats themselves; with each crew planning and purchasing their own meals for the week. Our aim is to see young people in charge of their own yacht and managing their own crew. This year we had an Explorer Scout skipper!
You will find any good photos or videos I receive from Swan 69 on fb.me/theswanexpedition.
Photos of past years are on here.”