Firstly “Congratulations” to the new Queen’s Scouts who received their awards at CamJam – Chester Oliver (Peterborough), James Traynor (Cromwell) and Laura Fagg (Cromwell). There are others across Cambridgeshire who are currently working on theirs and we look forward to sharing your achievements too!

If you have been inspired by their achievements and want to know more about becoming a Queen’s Scout then why not find out more?

Award participants must:

• Be aged 16 or older to start the award and complete the award before your 25th birthday
• Be a member of either Explorer Scouts or Scout Network (or a combination of both) for at least 18 months to complete the award
• Be a member of Explorer Scouts or Scout Network at the time you complete the award

Don’t be put off by the requirements as most people have often completed a number of the individual items without even realising it!

Martin Whelan is the person in the County to contact for an informal chat to find out more, use “Queen’s Scout” on the drop down to Get in Touch