We look forward to renewing our scouting Promise and are proud to be part of the scouting family. The past year has been like no other, with all ages going above and beyond in every sense – our Promise in action every day. Not all heroes wear capes….

Enjoy just a few examples of what living up to our Promise has meant to some over the past year, as all ages made the best of the challenges faced as the world dealt with the global pandemic – “do your best” has never been more appropriate. From taking part or organising any form of scouting, supporting your family (including the scouting one) and wider community, home schooling, acknowledging that scouting needed to take a “back seat” for a while and working (many as key workers) – you are all amazing!

A special “well done” in particular for all those young people and adults who have earned awards (from Chief Scout Bronze to Silver Wolf)! A list of adult awards is available here. (Cambridgeshire is on pages 17 and 18)

There are often minutes, hours or days (and sometimes longer) when we all just need to remember it is ok to not be ok – and that reaching out for help (including to your scouting family) is always a sign of strength, not weakness.

It is fantastic to see so many sections now back, or planning to get back, to socially distanced face-to-face scouting.

Please do submit details of the fun you get up to (but remember social distancing rules, so any photos need to reflect that we follow them)