The Beaver Scouts from 1st Papworth spent a few weeks coming up with ideas, and then making, a series of “Stop Motion” films. After all their hard work in each Lodge it was only fitting that they, friends and family were invited to a special Movie Premier – with popcorn on tap of course.

Beaver Scout Leader Lee and his Assistant Beaver Scout Leader wife Julie certainly looked the part for the special evening, as did the rest of the leadership team and all the young people. The night included presenting 2 Chief Scout Bronze awards, investing 7 Beaver Scouts, drinks, walking the red carpet, handmade paper flowers, showing off the “Beaver Crawl” and “Who are we” , 2 films per lodge (4 lodges) with music added – all in a room full of parents, siblings, grandparents.

Julie said “We have done some crazy things with the Turquoise Ninjas but this takes it to a new level! I was so surprised when Lee showed them to me. I can’t believe the effort they put into them. So creative. Loved listening to them speak in front of a whole room of people. ”