By Aiden Joy

Hinchingbrooke District Blasts Off into Space

Hinchingbrooke District recent launched themselves into Space with an ‘out of this world’ day of events for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers/YL. The day was organised with various District wide events some of which everyone attended, some tailored for each Section and others held within Groups. The space theme engaged everyone, to quote one of the Cubs it was both “fun and informative”.

During the day, Conrad Burdekin, professional poet and author of several books including Space Café, ran sessions with each Section. Participants were then challenged to come up with their own poem, or riddle, which proved to be a great success. The team are hoping to collate this work in coming weeks.

Another challenge involved the building of Hinchingbrooke International Space Station (HISS). Sections of HISS were constructed by Scouts, the crew of Astronauts, Aliens and Robots were trained by Cubs and worlds to explore created by Beavers, each Group then collected their contribution, which was delivered to 1st St Neots Scout Hut. Here a small team of Young Leaders, working in a COVID safe way, built HISS from its component parts. Once again creativity and ingenuity were displayed with space section segments including laboratories, a climbing wall, food/recreation areas, a Party Pod (complete with LED lighting), with a variety of rockets and rovers to explore the worlds created by the Beaver Paper Plate planets.

In the afternoon participants were able to join a virtual tour of the Airbus Satellite factory in Stevenage. This included some of the clean rooms used to build communication satellites and the Mars Rover Yard, were the Exo Mars Rover has been tested, including visits by Tim Peake.

After creating and eating their Planet Pizza evening meals, we joined Cambridge Astronomical Association for a stargazing session. Unfortunately a quick view through the telescope hooked up to the Zoom call, confirmed too much cloud, so Plan B went into effect. The resulting Planetarium show was equally fascinating pointing out things which can be seen at this time of year when skies are clear.

The day was a great success, with lots of photos and interaction via the District Facebook page. Everyone involved will be receiving a Space Day badge and we’re looking forward to the next event.