The pandemic has made a huge impact on how we scout, our families (including our scouting one), our local communities and indeed the whole world. On Valentine’s Day this year we thought there might be people who may just need a little love right now, for one reason or another.

We can’t (yet!) light the campfire and pitch the tents for an actual “real world” camp – although we see the lighter evenings, people staying home / social distancing / being vaccinated and know that is all on its way even if we don’t know when.

So, for now, we’d like to send our scouting hearts to:

  • thank all our amazing scouting volunteers, those who have continued to “scout” but also those who have had to take a break for a while
  • our young people, for being “super heroes” in their own right as they deal with this complete change in their lives
  • those who have loved ones that they long to see and hug, but can’t go near
  • the “battle weary” key workers, in every role (so many of them scouters too)
  • the furloughed or redundant staff and the closed businesses, especially those turning their hand to support their local communities
  • the parents struggling with home schooling, many juggling working from home too
  • everyone who has lost a loved one, for any reason
  • those who say “I’m ok”, when they clearly are not…..

We hope these photos brighten your day #togetherwecandothis

With Founders Day #ThanksTwo coming up on February 22nd you are welcome to use these heart photos as part of recognising and thanking scouting volunteers – do send us photos of what you get up to!

If you are a scouting volunteer why not take a look at some of the resources we shared last month, programme ideas for Heart Month

48th Peterborough (Werrington) – Cub hearts (whilst cooking!)

2nd St Neots Beaver Colony heart of badges, all ready to be awarded (in a COVID secure way of course!)

2nd St Neots Beaver Colony – heart of sweets used by the young people to fundraise for Crisis

Abington Jeremiahs – colourful heart of badges

Abington Jeremiahs –  heart of colourful woggles

Sophie’s – heart of scouting “stuff”!

1st Earith, Bluntisham & Colne – necker framed badge heart

Jo – using scouting skills to make an ice heart artwork

2nd Chatteris – Cubs making pancakes

Perception team – heart of neckers