On behalf of the 5150 boys and girls that many of you are volunteer “Dads” to every week Cambridgeshire Scouts would like to say a massive “THANK YOU”, you are all amazing.

Throughout the pandemic, and as we return to face-to-face scouting, all of you have been great role models – and not just to your scouting family. Despite the need to completely change the way scouting was delivered, and then adapt to constantly changing restrictions and requirements, volunteers like you have continued to teach skills for life to young people or continued to work to support our leadership teams. Juggling that with work, perhaps your own families at home (and the challenges of home schooling!), learning how to deliver virtual scouting and returning to find your normal meeting places are no longer available you have not let anything stand in your way! Local heroes through and through!

To all those not (yet!) in scouting but who helped the young people in your household take part in virtual scouting opportunities (from scavenger hunts to baking challenges and “camps at home” to aquarium tours) or are providing ad hoc help as “normal” scouting returns thank you too! If you have enjoyed yourself why not have a chat to find out how you could help their Group in some way in the future?

Here are just a few examples of the difference you make – if you have more examples to add please do just send them in via communications@cambridgeshirescouts.org.uk