By Laura Fagg

Last weekend, a group of scouts from all over the county got together to start planning their international adventure to the European Jamboree. The European Jamboree is a huge Scouting event being held in Poland next year for Explorers and the ideal opportunity for young people to learn about new cultures and create new friendships.

Part of what makes this experience so unique is the fact that aside from the jamboree itself, the explorers have complete say in how they want to get there, where they want to go before and after as well as any activities they want to do. After a busy morning discussing fundraising, unit badges, their expectations and some general team building activities, it was time to get stuck into the planning stage. With 4 teams, all working on a range of different scenarios, there were a wide variety of options to choose from. From a city break in Warsaw to experiencing a second country such as Russia or Germany, there was a lot of thought and planning put in by all of the groups to identify how their vision could become a reality.

Once all of the teams had a plan for their trip, they needed to present their idea to the rest of the unit with the aim to sell their plan to everyone else. Although there was unfortunately no interpretive dance or other interesting methods of presentation, all 4 teams explained detailed itineraries of their trip and created a real buzz throughout the unit, creating a very challenging decision for everyone. After a very tense secret ballot, the decision was made…….we would be going on a 3 stop trip in Poland!

Flying out to Poland we will visit Warsaw, the capital city before heading up to the Jamboree site in Gdansk. Once the Jamboree ends there is still plenty more fun to be had, visiting both Lodz and Krakow and exploring these areas as well as getting up to some adventurous activities. If the Explorers aren’t worn out by the end of all of that, then the leaders surely will be!

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