Environmental Care in the Community

By Leon Collins

1st Warboys Scouts worked towards their Community Impact badge and grabbed the opportunity to make a massive Impact on the local environment as well. It was identified that there had been a large amount of fly tipping at a local farm that needed clearing up.
We approached the Farmer and he was thrilled to hear we wanted to help him.
Armed with grabbers, bin bags and hi-viz jackets and only an hour and a half. 11 Scouts ventured out to clear up the mess…

A few hilarious jokes, countless plastic bottles and empty cans, 1 baby doll’s left leg and 15 full rubbish bags later, the Scouts were done!
The Leaders were so impressed with the dedication and commitment all the Scouts showed whilst trudging though mud collecting other people’s rubbish. They really proved that a little bit of hard work, by only a few people, can make a huge difference.
We’re so proud, well done.
Leon Collins
Assistant Leader
1st Warboys Scouts