Saturday 12 September saw Ely District Scouts undergoing their Expedition Hike.
This was the final requirement for the Scouts to complete the Expedition Award.
The 2020 Scout Expedition team completed most of the award work through remote activities during lockdown, after our weekend trip to Cromer booked for May had to be cancelled. This did not stop the Scouts, and in true expedition spirit, they found the energy and commitment to complete the project and all practical and theory elements in regular Zoom sessions and home based activities.
The hike today was a fully equipped lightweight 10km navigation challenge. It was a perfect day and so great to be back together to complete this.
Completing the return to Scouting assessments was a challenge, but now we have done this once, we are ready for more adventure ahead as we continue the return journey.
Thank you to David Briston, Elaine Chamberlain and Graham Smith for the great support and guidance in making this return a reality.
Conan Fryer
Ely Scouts