The 27th Cambridge Scout Troop certainly showed off their cooking skills with a virtual “Masterchef” evening – with a flag theme.

Culinary delights included a traditional Lithuanian dish set out as its flag; a dahl dish in the shape of the Indian flag; a cake with English flag on the outside and German flag on the inside, a Japanese cheesecake, a Welsh flag gingerbread and a tasty chocolate cake with the Canadian flag on from the more experienced members. A new 10 year old Scout proved they were up for the challenge too, enjoying using a shortbread base, chocolate and raisins, strawberries & lemon curd to create the German flag. The only disappointment was probably the fact they couldn’t try all the dishes.

Apparently a top query at the end was “how do I remove icing sugar from my laptop”!

The evening also included Jakob and Owen being awarded their Chief Scout Gold Awards – the highest that a Scout can earn. Well done – that’s a lot of skills for life you’ve learned in doing so!

Here are a few examples of their handiwork.