By Tanya Watson

“This weekend 6 of the Beavers Colonies from Cromwell District took part in an Eco Warrior sleepover over 2 nights at Copley Scout Centre.

These sleepovers are such an important part of a Beaver Scout experience – they get the chance to make new friends from different colonies, try new things but most of all have lots of FUN!!!

They started the evening of by making bug masks and decorating bird houses. After that we played a great recycling game with made the Beavers think about what they can recycle and where they should recycle it. Then using recycling items they made their team mascot. Lots of imagination went into making them.

After all the Beavers helped put up their tents they got to enjoy a fantastic campfire while eating a hotdog and drinking hot chocolate, followed by a game of bingo then bedtime.

Beavers had to be woken up at 7am so they could start to pack up tents ready for breakfast. After breakfast we started on a fun filled morning. In their groups they all did different activities. Edible life cycle of a butterfly, recycled bottle bug homes (which are in Copley), planting of a sunflower and “feely” boxes.

To finish the Beavers had to complete a final challenge before becoming true “Eco warriors”. They had to find the sticky pollen, sneak through Charlotte’s web, avoid the naughty birds, crawl through the tunnels, escape the net, get across the muddy pond via the small bridge, go through hoops and finally get the sticky pollen to the flower!!

1st Warboys Beaver Leaders would like to thank the leaders who took time to bring their Beavers to this amazing sleepover.”