So what have you been up to in the past week or so then?  Here’s a few examples of what some have been up to in Cromwell District (all within current restrictions).

1st Earith, Bluntisham and Colne Cub Scouts couldn’t catch a haggis so for Burns Night they opted to make some yummy shortbread instead. Their Scouts have had to get creative to complete the volunteering part of their World Challenge badge, as they can’t volunteer for a day. So instead they have been making dog pooh bag dispensers to pop up around the 3 villages, and will be looking after them by replenishing them for a month.

Snow appeared, although it didn’t last long. A 1st Papworth Scout made this impressive Snow Scout (with awesome eyebrows!), whilst another mini Snow Scout appeared in front of the statue of Cromwell in St Ives courtesy of Gateway Scout Group. We have since received this lovely feedback too “Thank you so much for your email – Alex was thrilled to see his snowman on the website link! Thanks again for bringing a big smile to our faces in these difficult times. “

Flood water continues to keep rising and lowering along the river, impacting directly on Copley Scout Centre. One minute it’s there, the next its gone. The tale of those pesky barrels continues after their escape bid, and although the Copley Crew think they have blocked their escape route only time will tell! When the water does drain away promising shoots of spring life can be seen – a sign of hope in this pandemic too that one day this year we might be able to see the camp site full of young people enjoying scouting adventures once again…..


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