Sue Best, District Commissioner, set those in Cromwell District a challenge. We will add more photos in due course, but thought you might enjoy the ones shared so far!

“Sadly, we will not be able to gather en masse again this year to celebrate St. Georges Day and renew our promises. Some Groups, I know, will be doing something on a smaller scale within the Covid guidelines. However, as a District we don’t want it to pass unmarked.

So, here’s the plan. We’d like as many as possible to fly the flag for Cromwell on St. Georges Day, Friday 23rd April and over the following weekend which would have been our traditional parade. We’d like scouters young and not so young to make a flagpole and place it in the front garden. Make it as whacky as possible, build it from recycled materials, canes, pencils, knitting needles, spaghetti, whatever you have at hand, size doesn’t matter! Make your flag – I’ll be printing mine from the PC. When its up take a photo and upload it to the District Facebook page, if you or your members aren’t on FB send it to me and I’ll upload it.

Also, for those going out and about on your daily exercise, fly your flag somewhere different. If you can, log where you are using ‘What three words’ or with a grid reference, GPS, postcode or similar and send this to me, along with a photo if possible. We want to put Cromwell on the map for St. Georges day – and we have a friendly cartographer itching to get going! ”

Cub Scout gets creative!

Furthest away?

“Pete is a Hill Walking Assessor with Cromwell District and lives in Cumbria. He looks after the hut for the Mountain Bothies Association, who have over 100 basic shelters in wild country, unlocked and free for anyone to stay overnight. With a bit of ingenuity using his tent poles and guy lines the flags were soon flying at Great Lingy Hut in the Lake District at GR; NY 311 336 or as the younger generation may say “canoe,javelin,leap”! Anyone fancy a trip?”

Cromwell District flag photos

St George’s flag on tour…..