Cambridgeshire Scouts take over radio

By David ‘Rusty’ Robinson

“Next broadcasting at 19:00 on the 23rd April and 14th May the Cambridgeshire Youth Media Team will be broadcasting via Hereward Community Radio, you can listen via the Hereward Community Radio Facebook page and by using “tune in?”

So what is the Radio take over? Essentially we are the first Scout County to host a regular and now monthly radio show on a local radio nationally! We have been copied by various districts & counties including Sussex, Sunderland and Milton Keynes.

Its 98% Youth Lead in terms of production and content, even though I often pass the team bits of paper. If we have a guest on we do ask the ultimate question of how do they take their tea – milk first, milk second or no milk?

Guests have included Mayors of Peterborough, the municipal Mayor of Peterborough and Cambridgeshire James Palmer, local photographer, local fundraiser for Anna’s Hope, business leaders, charity workers, the BBC Radio voice of Test Match Special and now Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire (or is it Rutland . . . . )well Jonathan Agnew, plus an MP, the First Scout Association Youth Chef Commissioner, and Scouting volunteers.

We have been gate-crashed by the local press, we have had a guest turn up late and once ended up doing a two hour show.

We often talk about Scouting in Cambridgeshire, so if your Group is 12th Cambridge or 1st Papworth you get often mentioned if you have shared what you have been up to via Social Media (such as the county Facebook group or via twitter) or have submitted it as news on the County website.

The studio is in Peterborough. If guests, or presenters, can’t make it to us we often use Skype during our shows.

My premise or thoughts about the show? Well that’s simple, it needs to be Youth Lead and I only sit in the hot seat at last resort, so in over 3 years and countless guests this has only happened once.

Please turn on and tune in, more dates will be published in the future.”

If you are interested in joining the Youth Media team you can contact Rusty via