Cambridgeshire Bushscout Skills Day – March 2022

Cambridgeshire Scouts welcomed the Bushscout National SASU to Copley Scout Centre for a skills day open to leaders in the county. With an entire programme of bushcraft training, the applicants took part in axe & saw, fire lighting, tarpology, knife safety and campfire cooking sessions, learning valuable skills that will benefit the young people in the county.

“It was a fantastic day, a massive thanks to all the trainers and everyone involved in organising the event! It was great to brush up on the skills and learn some new methods for passing those skills onto our YP!” – Russell Challis

30 leaders from across the county attended the skills day and it was noted by the trainers how enthusiastic the leaders were and how keen they were to learn. It was fantastic to see how adaptable the training activities were to be inclusive for all, this was especially found in the fire lighting session as leaders were asked to consider how a young person with one hand would use a flint & steel, another showing of how inclusivity is at the heart of everything we do in Scouting.

“It was amazing, [I’m] so pleased to have had this wonderful opportunity and can’t wait to share with our section the valuable skills learnt” – Natasha Lewis

The Cambridgeshire Bushscout SASU was launched as part of the skills day. At the end of the training sessions 8 leaders were awarded the Bushscout National SASU necker as evidence of their continued efforts of training in the area. These leaders will be available to bring bushcraft sessions to the local area and they will be running more skill days. Make sure to check the Event Calendar to find out when a training event is happening.