As we enter 2021 the amazing volunteers and young people of Cambridgeshire Scouts are looking forward with hope.

Keeping  the motto of “Be Prepared” was somewhat tricky in 2020, as often the changes and restrictions brought about by the pandemic meant that things were often “we will make it work somehow” on the day rather than careful planning. Despite this over 6,500 young people across the county were given every opportunity where possible to still take part in scouting even when (as now) restrictions mean that face to face scouting was not permitted.

Grateful thanks go to those volunteers who helped make any form of scouting possible, and complete understanding to those who for one reason or another had to focus elsewhere – especially all our amazing key workers in particular.

As we look ahead, knowing that virtual scouting is all we can offer at present but that face to face scouting will return at some point, we look to welcome new volunteers to help support Cambridgeshire Scouts going forward.

No matter the time or skills you have every hour you can spare will be well used! So what are you waiting for, why not get in touch?