There are several ways that young members of Cambridgeshire Scouts may like to get involved with the Young People of the Year (#yopey) Befriender scheme. The organisation focuses on revealing, recognising and rewarding positive role models.

Put pen to paper

9 year old Cub Scout Alex, from 3rd Ely, has already written a lovely letter to a care home resident – and earned a certificate from doing so. Take a look at this lovely article, which contains his original letter too. Chris Ward, County Commissioner said ” Alex is a great example of how young people can make a difference in the lives of others, a great scouting role model for others. Well done Alex!”

“To take part the young person writes an open letter to care home residents and emails it to me, with a photo of themselves and a completed consent form (email us to obtain one). It can be helpful if there is a typed or adult copy too, depending on the age and handwriting of the young person! I put it into a YOPEY template and send it to lots of care homes. Replies are not guaranteed because of so many circumstances, including dementia and COVID, but many of the care homes have proved to me the YOPEY letters are shown to residents and do give them a real boost.”

Tony Gearing MBE, Founder & Chief Executive, YOPEY – the Young People of the Year

Scouting in action

“It would be fantastic to have short videos of what scouts have been up to, you can see example of how we use them in our Yopey Virtual Variety Shows like this one You just need to send us raw footage (preferably via mail big file, or we transfer or another free big file service as these are the best quality videos).  YOPEY has a volunteer that turns them into magic that we share with hundreds of care homes. You can see the mini water-fight I did with my own Wickhambrook Beaver Colony and also a podcast that Clare Scouts did during the first lockdown. ”

Jo Gearing,  Trustee, YOPEY – the Young People of the Year charity

To take part simply e-mail