Cambridgeshire Scouts took part in a wide range of events and activities at the end of October, and here’s just the few examples we know about, with photos.

12th Cambridge certainly seem to have had it all wrapped up!

Scouts at 1st Godmanchester spent an evening carving pumpkins. This was part of their Creative Challenge Award – earlier in the term they have carved wooden tent pegs and made paracord bracelets; in the next few weeks they will be soap carving and glass engraving.

Both 1st Papworth and 11th / 9th Cambridge (Newnham) Scout Groups made their mark in their local communities by going out “Trick or Eating”, collecting  over an extimated 1.5 tonnes of donations for their local Food Banks. 1st Papworth were also featured live on local news that evening, with 1 Young Leader’s claim to fame now legitimately being it was his hand holding the pumpkin in the opening shot!

In 2019 1st Papworth collected 854kg of donations, the largest amount yet, and in total over the last 3 years, their collections have donated 2423kg to the Food Bank! The idea is also now beginning to spread and not just in Cambridgeshire – this year Groups in Bristol, Exeter, Glasgow and Anglesey also took part.

To encourage others to consider doing the same in 2020 so 1st Papworth have shared what they do and how they do it, just take a look at the documents on the links below. Whether the contributions are given to Food Banks, or homeless shelters or…. just imagine how many families we could help across the county.

If you decide to take part in 2020 why not let us know in September 2020 via so we can list here.


How to

Helpers briefing

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