By Phil Burr
On Friday 13th December, while most people were in their warm beds, Shelfords and Stapleford Scouts braved the cold, wind and (at one point in the night) the rain to sleep out on the street to raise money for Wintercomfort.  The amount of money raised so far is absolutely amazing – over £3,200 and rising.  The Scouts hiked into Cambridge from Shelford, carrying their kit for the night, and then built a shelter out of cardboard.  The Scouts were fantastic – relishing the excitement of sleeping under cardboard but appreciating how lucky they were this was not something they had to do every night.
It is the 4th time the Troop has done this type of event, but in different locations. This has involved supporting Wintercomfort for 7 years – typically alternating between sleeping out and cooking a big breakfast in Shelford. Over the years about £9000 has been raised. The Troop have also had people from Wintercomfort visit to explain about the amazing work that they do.
The county Perception team submitted a news item, and here’s what the Cambridge News printed.
Wintercomfort is an amazing charity which supports people who are homeless in Cambridge.  Please consider contributing: