Thanks to everyone for participating in our first on-line meeting of the County Executive last Thursday evening. The Exec continue to meet on-line, so as to keep overall County operations moving.

Also on Saturday, 21/03, Chris Ward, County Commissioner, hosted a County team briefing on-line. The team is busy re-shaping plans to support scouting  at this challenging time and to prepare for its face to face return.

Chris talked about the recent successes, such as the news that there are 124 more young people across the County following the recent census, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

Lynne Radbone and Asa French have developed an exciting and  innovative on-line approach to First Aid training and Ian Dugdale is pushing programme material to support leaders that want to keep scouting going in a different kind of way.

Suzi Kane is continuing to push Awards, recognising the fantastic work you scouting volunteers are doing and David Briston is planning to continue with the new sections, recently opened in Northstowe, Brampton and elsewhere as soon as he can.

Louise Clover is keeping this all together through our social media presence, website and the monthly newsletter. We will keep in touch.
Take care everyone and stay safe
Chris Ward