The difficulties of running a full programme over the last few years had left most of our scouts without the opportunity to complete their expedition challenge award. What better way to get this done than with a trip to the seaside by train? In fact, six different trains were involved!

Given some broad parameters for the expedition (‘When’ and ‘Where to’), our scouts spent an evening meeting getting to grips with the East Anglian rail network, using train timetables to work out how to get from Cambridge to Sheringham (and back), along with a hike route plan to take them along the scenic North Norfolk coast.

Our trip included:
• Two-stage train journey on the way out, followed by a 7km hike
• A trip on the North Norfolk Railway steam train and an overnight stay at Sheringham Youth Hostel, with the scouts planning, purchasing and cooking their meals.
• Visit to Sheringham lifeboat station and a town treasure trail, followed by a three-stage train journey on the way home.

We were very fortunate to have the company of four Young Leaders from Panther ESU who made a massive contribution to the success of the weekend, it was a great example of how the young leader scheme has a positive impact on both young people and the groups they support.

We also got to appreciate the wider support network provided in scouting. With less than a week to go, two of the leaders due to attend had to move into isolation, so we quickly dug out our scouting contact lists and managed to borrow a last-minute leader from Twister ESU to make sure the trip could go ahead.

We had a fantastic weekend away with all of the scouts achieving their expedition challenge award and we are looking forward to more adventures in 2022.