Over the weekend members of the 1st Whittlesey Scout Group were delighted to be back out camping again, something so many throughout the county have been making the most of since permitted to do so. We’re not sure who was more excited – the young people or the adults!

4 Beavers, 18 Cubs, 14 Scouts, and 1 Explorer Scout headed off to enjoy scouting fun at Duke’s Covert Campsite (Grantham), all made possible thanks to the 11 adult volunteers involved.

Due to the pandemic many of the scouts had not camped before, and none of the Cubs had either! During the weekend new skills were learned, lots of fun had, new friendships created and (best of all) wonderful memories were made.

There was the chance to take part in archery and to do some climbing (thankfully not both at the same time). Nature education covered things such as tree identification, and that knowledge was put to good use with some traditional fire lighting  – with flint and steel or bow and drill techniques, so not a match in sight.

Congratulations to Jill, one of the leadership team, on gaining her Nights Away Permit during the event Clapping hands sign