In January, the 1st Papworth Beaver Colony began work on their Disability Awareness and Community Impact badges. They discussed what disability means, attempted to draw and write with their feet and learned to say “hello” along with their names in Makaton sign language.

As part of this programme of activities they have been fortunate to have been supported by a wonderful little girl from St. Neots. Hattie and her twin brother were born at just 28 weeks, and spent their first 9 weeks in hospital. At just 3 weeks old tests and scans showed that Hattie has quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. Hattie is a thriving 4 year old and, along with her Mum Katy (an inclusive dance teacher) taught the Beavers to tap dance with their hands to a piece from the musical “The Greatest Showman”.

The Beavers sewed tap heels to gloves and are also learning to make their Promise in Makaton. Having learned the piece and with weeks to practice they will perform to their families at the end of the Spring Term. To make a difference, and thank Hattie and her Mum for the lesson, they are helping them raise funds so that the family can  build a downstairs bedroom and wet room.

The Beavers are determined to smash their £500 fundraising from last year’s skipathon, and help Hattie have the space she needs.