1st Littleport Cubs Celebrate Lent

On 5th March 2019 the 1st Littleport Lark Cub Pack went to St. George’s Church in Littleport as part of their work towards their My Faith and World Faiths activity badges.

The evening was officiated by The Reverend Howard Robinson and began with the history about their local church, the cubs learned that St. George’s was actually the second church on this site after the prior one burned down, however some pillars that has not been destroyed from the original building were used to construct part of the chapel of the current church and now date over 900 years old!

The Cubs were then let loose to explore the church and were tasked to come back with a question each, which Howard dutifully answered during a Q&A session.

The evening culminated in the Chancel where candles were lit and the Cubs learned about Lent, with the breaking of a hot cross bun and pouring wine they were told the story and meaning of Lent.

The evening Finished with a prayer dedicated to Jody Chesney who as a member of our Scouting family was taken from us this past week.