Over the last weekend in March 17 Beavers, 21 Cubs and 17 Scouts (plus Young Leaders and Leaders) enjoyed a fun packed virtual camp – in support of Max Woosey ( Max’s Big Camp Out).

Challenges were set and camp packs delivered in advance ready for the fun to begin.

There was great eggscitement (!) as zip wires were built and used for a raw egg, with the height having to begin at least 2metres above the floor. In true scouting fashion that wasn’t high enough for most, who opted to go from the first floor window with their zip wires instead!

Everyone then got creative – Beavers were given plasticine to make a Superhero model with moving parts whilst Cubs and Scouts were given lolly sticks and wood glue to make mini picnic benches as bird feeders.

It was then time for all sections to have a “Bake Off”. They could buy or make cookies; biscuits; fairy cakes or a larger cake but it all had to then be decorated with a “Scouting theme”. Judging was in sections, and from the designs you can perhaps see how much they are keen to get back to campfires and camping!

Everyone was given a peat pot and a giant pumpkin seed, with a competition to see who can now grow the biggest one for Halloween.

Plus the obligatory chocolate Easter Bunny to enjoy of course!