All Executive Committee members have an important part to play in understanding and checking their Sections’ and Group’s (or District’s/County’s) preparation for the return to face-to-face scouting given their collective responsibility for safety.

The links below point you to the key HQ guidance that is relevant to your role as an Executive Committee member. Please ensure that you’re familiar with the contents which must be followed.

DocumentationLatest updateLinks
The Scouts Framework – for restarting face to face Scout meetings and activitiesv.3 10/09/20can be viewed here
Guidance for Leaders – developing your risk assessments and approving face to face activityv.3 03/09/20can be viewed here
Guidance to support Commissioners and Executive Committees – Approving local face to face activity03/09/20can be viewed here
Guidance for Executive Committees and Commissioners – approving local face to face activityv.2 03/09/20can be viewed here
Checklist to support Commissioners and Executives who are approving the risk assessmentscan be viewed here

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