Update 7 January 2021 : The Scouts – extract from email to all members

“Now that most of the UK is back at Red readiness level until further notice, we wanted to confirm what this means for Scouts and remind you of the support that’s available to keep Scouts going online.

Red readiness level means: No face-to-face activity can take place with young people or adults

Keeping Scouts going online

We know this must feel disappointing and unfortunately, somewhat familiar. However, for the sake of our young people, we’ve got to keep going. Through Scouts, young people can still meet with their friends, have fun, and learn skills for life in an informal environment. Zoom licenses are available for a number of months and we’ve got loads of online programme resources to help you keep going online:

·       A 6-week online programme – with videos, guidance and tips and tricks

·       Our activities database – filter by online location and your section

·       COVID-19 safe programme ideas – with example risk assessments and information about taking Scouts online

·       Activities about COVID-19 – inform, empower and mobilise young people around the risks and realities of living in a pandemic   


Looking after our mental health

We know how tough everything is at the moment for young people and our volunteers. Many of us are struggling.

It’s so important that we look after each other, but please also don’t forget to look after yourself. Take a moment to check in and think about what could help with your wellbeing. There are some great resources with tips for helping you cope with the current situation: try Mental wellbeing while staying at home’ or Mental health and self-care for young people’ by the NHS and Coronavirus and your wellbeing’ by Mind.

If you’d like to learn more about mental health, you can become a Wellbeing Champion in just three steps.

Remember: things might feel difficult at the moment, but this won’t last forever.


Tim Kidd (UK Chief Commissioner) and Matt Hyde (Chief Executive) “

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Current level: Red

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