Level from 17th May – Yellow

Until the 17th everything remains at AMBER, and those guidelines MUST be applied accordingly.

Last Updated 13th May 2021

The Scouts have published an update to the readiness level table for England and Scotland, clarifying what is permitted within Yellow from 17th May in England –  specifically relating to numbers and overnight stays. For ease of reference the text is below.

“Readiness level : YELLOW from 17th May  

Following the recent government announcement we can confirm that England will be moving to YELLOW on Monday 17th May. The information below is provided to assist with planning.

This means: Section meetings can take place outdoors and indoors. Limited small group residential activities may take place.

Maximum group size:

  • Activities involving young people: no limit on group size but remain as only one section meeting independently of others. Indoor activities will be limited by the size of the location given social distancing remains.
  • Scout Network programmed activities (non social): 30 people maximum.
  • Adult activities (non-social) with no young people present: Adults may meet in small groups for the purposes of providing the charity’s purpose. Full details in getting adults involved again guidance.
  • Residential activities: Nights away activities may take place with a maximum of 6 people within the group (including young people, volunteers and carers). COVID measures such as social distancing and good hygiene remain in place (even overnight), groups must remain independent of others and lateral flow testing must take place immediately prior to departure and every 48-72hrs throughout the trip.

Other conditions included within the notes for AMBER still apply at YELLOW.

There is very little change in the general guidance from Amber but the main difference is that residentials will now be able to take place, but only in groups of up to six people (this is a combined total of six with young people and leaders).

We expect that this will only be practical for older sections to be able to complete key components of awards, such as DofE. Please note that these groups of six cannot mix with other groups of six, including for travel, sharing food preparation areas or accommodation.

As the regulations have been published today, we will work over the coming days to amend the guidance on our Getting back together safely pages, but you can read the initial guidance on residentials here.

Assuming that Stage 4 happens as planned on the 21 June, we’re hoping that the numbers able to attend residentials will be increased in time for the summer holidays.

The key changes from our current Amber status will be:

  • Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers will be able to meet indoors, with no legal limit on youth numbers, however you should keep it as one section meeting at a time with flexibility for smaller sections to join together if required. It’s important to remember that physical space will be limited and social distancing of two metres between everyone will be required. You should continue to take all measures to stop transmission and we would recommend most sections to continue meeting outdoors if they can.
  • Scout Network may also meet indoors but will be limited to maximum group sizes of 15. We continue to encourage outdoor meetings where you can.
  • Adult activities can only take place outdoors and should follow the current Government guidance.

There will be no international Scout trips before 1 January 2022. For more details read The Scouts update

Any dates are “at the earliest” and will be subject to confirmation 7 days before as part of the Government roadmap – so think about that when organising activities, especially if paying out deposits and fees. The way we, and our young people, return to scouting is highly visible so it is important that our plans and behaviours reflect our scouting ethos in all that we do – so that our local communities see us doing so appropriately and safely.

Planning and Risk Assessment reminders

We know that many of you will be planning a range of socially distanced activities – mostly outdoors to make the most of the improving weather. Please ensure that your planning includes the following:

All Districts have been asked to ensure support is available for those Sections needing help the preparation/updating of COVID and/or Activity RAs to ease the process for a return to face to face scouting when your team is ready.

As ever the return to face-to-face is not a race, and therefore this will take place over a period of time that works best for the leadership teams and young people – based on The Scouts requirements and ensuring everything is COVID secure.

Recruitment of adult volunteers and young people is something that County are already starting to work on, but if you would like any support more locally contact your District Team or ask us for support via communications@cambridgeshirescouts.org.uk Please remember that branding is more than “just” logos etc, the brand centre also provides a guide with details of relevant tone and language that should be used.

The purple buttons below are to information from the Scouts and from GOV.UK. 
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