Updated 30 November 2020 

Cambridgeshire: Tier 2 of the government regulations apply to Adult only gatherings.

The Scouts have today confirmed what face to face Scout activity is allowed when England comes out of lockdown this week.

From the beginning of Wednesday 2 December all tiers in England will be in Amber for youth provision, for those under the age of 18.

The Government and the National Youth Agency have confirmed that youth clubs and activities will be permitted at all three tiers in England, as services such as Scouts are essential to the development and wellbeing of young people, and should continue wherever possible.

As a reminder this means:

·       You can meet with up to 15 young people (aged under 18), plus 5 adults.

·       The session can take place outdoors or indoors, but must be socially distanced.

·       Face coverings should be worn by anyone of Scout-age plus when indoors. Adults delivering an activity to young people aren’t required to wear a face covering.

However, face to face programme activities for members of Scouts who are over 18 is in Red everywhere in England – this means that there can be no face to face section meetings for Network. Other volunteers over the age of 18 can meet in-line with restrictions in your tier for adults meeting together, to carry out essential volunteering tasks like campsite or building maintenance.

Due to the short timescales, we wanted to brief all line managers and chairs in England at the same time through this email, to give as much notice as possible. Please feel free to share this news with your teams.

We’ll update all members tomorrow in the member email and direct them to the Readiness level page on our website.

Best wishes,  


Graeme Hamilton

Deputy UK Chief Commissioner


Alex Peace-Gadsby

Chief Commissioner of England


The buttons below are to information from the Scout Association and from GOV.UK.   
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Current level: Amber

Information for leaders


Information for Parents

Commissioners, Executives & Approvers

HQ resources & guidance

Working safely with the public

Covid-19 safe programme ideas

Updated to 24 November 2020 – 177 Sections (plus 2 District events and 6 HQs , campsites, areas) approved to return to f2f scouting whilst at Amber readiness, with an increasing number approved to move indoors.

DistrictNumber of SectionsSections
Cambridge35 Sections
  • 1st Cambridge Orchard Park (Cubs)
  • 11th/9th Cambridge (Cubs, Amazon & Spartans Scout Troops)
  • 12th Cambridge (Cubs, Raptors & Wildcats Scout Troops)
  • 13th Cambridge (Beavers,Cubs & Scouts)
  • 14th Cambridge (Beavers,Cubs & Scouts)
  • 16th Cambridge (Scouts)
  • 18th Cambridge (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 26th Cambridge Cubs & Scouts)
  • 27th Cambridge (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 28th Cambridge (Mon & Tues Cubs, Mon & Tues Scout Troops)
  • 29th Cambridge (Cubs)
  • 50th Cambridge (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Shelford & Stapleford (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Trumpington (Scouts)
  • 1st Whittlesford & Duxford (Forest & Wildwood) Beavers, (Javelins & Sirius) Cubs & Scouts)
7 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • Avengers
  • Flamstede
  • Hitchhikers
  • K2
  • Phoenix
  • Mudpuppets
  • Woodsmoke ESUs.
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • Shelford & Stapleford HQ approved to reopen
Crafts Hill30 Sections
  • 1st Bar Hill (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Bourn (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 6th/17th Barton (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Cambourne (Cubs)
  • 2nd Cambourne (Muntjac & Wed Cubs, Scouts)
  • 2nd Cottenham (Scouts)
  • 1st Hardwick & Highfield (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Histon (Beavers, Tuesday & Iceni Cubs & Mon & Thurs Scouts)
  • 1st Northstowe (Beavers)
  • 1st Swavesey (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 48th Cambridge (Comberton) (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Willingham (Beavers, Cubs & 2 Scout Troops)
1 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • Panthers ESU
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • Hardwick & Highfields HQ.
Cromwell22 Sections
  • 1st EBC (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Fenstanton & Hilton (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Hemingford (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Needingworth (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Papworth (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 2nd St Ives Sea Scout Group (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 5th St Ives (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Somersham (Beavers)
  • 1st RAF Wyton Beavers
1 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • Nulli Secundi Explorer Sea Scouts
District Campsites/HQs & Events 1 x SASU
  • Copley campsite & HQ approved to re-open plus Service Crew
  • District Active & Support Unit Picnic
Ely4 Sections
  • 1st Haddenham (Cubs)
  • 1st Sutton (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
District Explorer/Network Units
  • No approvals yet
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • 1 District event – District Scouts Hike (Aug 2020)
Fenland17 Sections
  • 1st March (Scouts)
  • 1st Whittlesey (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 2nd Chatteris (Cubs & Scouts)
  • 2nd March (Beavers & Cubs)
  • 3rd Wisbech (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 12th Wisbech (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 15th Wisbech (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
2 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • Alpha (at 12th Wisbech)
  • Whittlesey ESUs
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • No District HQs/campsites approved to reopen
  • Campsite @ 15th Wisbech (Barton Croft) approved to reopen
  • 1st Doddington Remembrance event
Hinchingbrooke15 Sections
  • 1st Brampton (Beavers)
  • 1st Eaton Socon (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Godmanchester (Cubs)
  • 1st Kimbolton (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Sawtry (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st St Neots (Beavers, Cubs & Rowley Scouts)
  • 1st Southoe & Buckden (Scouts).
2 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • 1st St Neots
  • 1st Southoe & Buckden ESUs
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • District Space Day event held 17/10/20
  • Backwoods Area @ Offords
  • HQs approved to re-open at Kimbolton & 1st St Neots.
Newmarket22 Sections
  • Abington Jeremiah’s (Beavers & Cubs)
  • 1st Balsham (Cubs)
  • 1st Burwell (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Fordham (Beavers)
  • 1st Isleham (Beavers & Cubs)
  • 1st Linton (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Moulton (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Newmarket (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 2nd Soham (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 1st Swaffham Prior (Beavers)
1 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • Pegasus ESU
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • 1st Fordham HQ & Jarman Centre (outdoors) approved to re-open/for use
Peterborough16 Sections
  • 1st Yaxley (Beavers,Cubs & Scouts)
  • 2nd Nene (Apollo Scout Troop)
  • 3rd Nene (Scouts),
  • 7th Peterborough (Helpston) (Scouts)
  • 17th Nene Hamptons (Beavers & Cubs)
  • 25th Peterborough (Paston) (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
  • 48th Peterborough (Werrington) (Wasp Cub Pack & Scouts)
  • 63rd Peterborough (St Kyneburg) (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts)
2 x District Explorer/Network Units
  • Valour
  • Vulcan ESUs
District Campsites/HQs & Events
  • No District HQs approved to reopen
  • 17th Nene Hamptons (Beavers, Cubs & Scouts) Remembrance event only

In Cambridgeshire, we’re looking at a number of ways we can to support local sections and groups within each of the Districts during this unusual time, by providing access to more options for activities you may wish to try out.

Check this page regularly as it is being continuously updated with new information.

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