Updated 26th January 2022


Readiness Level Green from 27th January 2022


The buttons at the end of this page will remain live for now, in case of use in the next few months

“We’re pleased to let you know that the UK government has confirmed youth sector provision in England will move back to ‘Green’ from tomorrow.

We’ve updated the readiness level table along with relevant guidance updates. Please remember to check the readiness table and guidance for other locations if travelling outside of England with Scouts.

This change means that all Scouting activities can resume so long as they are safe to do so and are following the remaining guidance. Please remember that all activities should still be managed in a COVID responsible manner. “

Safety and Safeguarding training

As a minimum, all leaders should ensure their safety and safeguarding training is up to date, and complete online before resuming face-to-face Scout meetings or activities; see insurance and legal notes.

Residential activities

Nights away activities may take place.

COVID measures such as good hygiene remain in place, and lateral flow testing is strongly recommended to take place immediately prior to departure and twice a week throughout the trip.

See Planning COVID-safe nights away for more details

International travel

Visits abroad may resume but must follow FCDO travel advice and still manage the transmission of COVID to ensure the trips are safe and accessible. Consideration for the changing government requirements must be built into the trip plans prior to approval being given locally for the trips to go ahead.

Thank you as ever for your support over the past year and for helping members to do what they do best – offering amazing experiences for young people. Whilst we need to take care in our planning, these updates will now allow us to offer these experiences across the UK and overseas.”

Recruitment of adult volunteers and young people is something that County are already working on with several districts, but if you would like any support more locally contact your District Team or ask the County’s Growth team via gandd@cambridgeshirescouts.org.uk. 

Please remember that branding is more than “just” logos etc, the brand centre also provides a guide with details of relevant tone and language that should be used.

The purple buttons provide resources directly related to returning to Scouting safely from the Scouts and from GOV.UK.
Please refer to these sites for the facts and do not rely on everything you read on social media.

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Framework for safe activities

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