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Why not wrap up warm and get outside to take part in the CPRE star count?

We have listed a few suggestions as to how you might want to link this to relevant badges (see badge links below) in scouting, and linked to some other resources that can help you do so – but if you have any suggestions / resources to add do let us know! Remember to follow The Scouts advice and guidance re virtual scouting.

Don’t forget to share what you get up to by submitting photos and some details!

“What is Star Count?

The best way to see how many stars we can all see in the sky is… to count them! So we’re asking people from all across the country to become citizen scientists and look heavenwards from home for one night. Join in by choosing a clear night between 6-14 February 2021, looking up at the constellation of Orion and letting us know how many stars you can spot.

This year we’re asking everyone to take part from home. You can stargaze from your garden, balcony, doorstep or even bedroom window.

Don’t worry: we’ve given plenty of support on how to do this. And once you’ve done your star-spotting, use this form quickly and easily send us your count – and then we get busy with our number-crunching.”

Resources & Support

Most of the following can be downloaded and adapted to suit your needs / your section:

  • The Scouts – some great different space related activities such as Eyes to the skies and Seeing stars as well as free resources with partner the UK Space Agency (whilst linked to  a Scout badge there is actually lots for all sections and / or many can be adapted).
  • Why not invite a suitable volunteer (such as a parent or carer – who knows they might enjoy it so much they volunteer again!) or two to deliver a science session in a series of break out rooms .
  • NASA has lots of amazing resources, including virtual tours.
  • 1st Virtual Facebook – simply head into “Files” and pop in what you are searching for. Or perhaps you’d like a virtual session from someone, so if you have no local contact search on the Group for suggestions. Here’s a few direct file links to give you an idea of what is in there (you will need to join the closed Group to see them) – Planets and a song, a virtual space campall spaced out play on a plate and  a space themed scavenger hunt.
  • BBC Bitesize –  Simply choose the relevant age range (Primary and Secondary) and go into the science section. Lots of videos and resources such as “Let’s Explore Light” to “Earth and Atmosphere”
  • Online Scout Manager – if your Section uses this software there are lots of programme ideas that are ready to use, including those that will work well for virtual / remote scouting
  • On a walk take a photo of the letters on road signs etc to spell out “aim for the stars” (maybe link it to something like road safety or photography badges too)