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1st Papworth Scout Group might be one of the newer Groups in the County, but they have already made their mark well and truly in the local community.

Instead of Trick or Treating they take a different approach, having fun but helping a good cause at the same time.  In 2018 they collected over 825kg of donations!

They are keen to encourage others to consider doing the same so are sharing what they do and how they do it see documents on the links below. 11th / 9th Cambridge have already decided to do so, and they too would love to see more taking part. Whether the contributions are given to Food Banks, or homeless shelters or…. just imagine how many families we could help across the county

If you decide to take part why not let us know via communications@cambridgeshirescouts.org.uk so we can list here, or update on the County closed Facebook Group or Public Facebook Page.

Trick or Eating in 2019

  • 1st Papworth Scout Group
  • 11th/9th Cambridge (in Newnham)


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