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Promise Renewal

Around St George’s Day many Scouts across the country gather to celebrate scouting and reaffirm their Promise together. Whilst face to face large events are not possible during the pandemic that didn’t stop the events last year, and again this year these will be on-line.

Details of District events are added to the county calendar once we are informed, and are also listed here:

Crafts Hill – Sunday 25th April (time tbc)

St George – the Patron Saint of Scouting

In ‘Scouting for Boys’, Baden-Powell referred to the Knights of the Round Table in the Arthurian Legend, and to St George who was their Patron Saint. He then went on: ‘He is also the Patron Saint of Scouts everywhere. Therefore all Scouts should know his story. St George was typical of what a Scout should be.

‘When he was faced by a difficulty or danger, however great it appeared, even in the shape of a dragon – he did not avoid it or fear it but went at it with all the power he could… That is exactly the way a Scout should face a difficulty or danger no matter how great or how terrifying it may appear. They should go at it boldly and confidently, using every power that they can to try and overcome it, and the probability is that they will succeed.

‘St George’s Day is April 23, and on that day, Scouts remind themselves of their Promise and Scout Law. Not that a Scout ever forgets either but, on St George’s Day, they make a special point of thinking about them. Remember this when April 23 comes round again.’