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By the time Easter 2021 has been and gone we all no doubt hope that we will have an indication of what may be possible in 2021 in terms of face to face scouting, and can also start to think about possible opportunities for 2022.

No-one knows for sure but IF it looks likely some / all Jamborees will be able to go ahead in 2022 then many will open bookings this summer. With “being prepared” in mind why not take a look at them for taking contingents of Scouts or Explorers, and if not taking a contingent and / or you are Network have a look to see if you might like to join the volunteer teams that run such events.

Please go to the county calendar pages for the months of July and August 2022 (simply click on the “events in” box and click on the month and year you want) to see the different ones that may be available, circumstances permitting.

That way as bookings open you will have an idea of what you may want to attend,  Red Rose has opened bookings already!

If you want something more local, and / or for the younger Sections, why not take a look at these great options across Cambridgeshire