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On this date in 1857 Lord Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of scouting, was born in London.

Scouts around the world celebrate the date as Founders Day. If you haven’t already seen it take a look at this news item too, which includes a link to a great compilation and thanks message.

“22 February has always been a time to remember and celebrate the birthday of Baden-Powell, our Founder, the force behind Scouting and all that it stands for today. His vision has influenced countless generations of young people globally, providing opportunities for them to experience self-discovery through an array of activities and impact-driven initiatives.

This day is also deeply personal to each of us, as we fondly recollect Scouting’s heritage, and memories of special moments in Scouting – our first Promise, new friendships, and many activities filled with adventure and fun! ”

Despite these challenging times there is much to celebrate and look forward to.


“After what’s been a rubbish year, we want to spend the month of February focusing on thanking those who’ve gone above and beyond, letting them know how grateful we are. On Monday 22 February and beyond, we’re asking Scouts volunteers, young people and parents to celebrate and #ThankTwo people and/or groups of people who’ve really made a difference in the past year – they could be leaders, Groups, volunteers or just local community heroes.”


Many sections use the event to look at scouting history, so here’s a few useful resources (which can be adapted):

  • Make and share your own “scouting hearts”, just like some of the ones in this news item
  • The Scouts – as well as this whole item about #ThankTwo there is our history plus games of “A race through time” and “Who do you think Scouts are?
  • “Who wants to be a Millionaire” scouting history quiz and a brief history for use with Cubs (you need to belong to the 1st Virtual Facebook Group to access these)
  • Why not invite a suitable volunteer (such as a leader from a different section / Group) to deliver a session.
  • Online Scout Manager – if your Section uses this software there are lots of programme ideas that are ready to use, including those that will work well for virtual / remote scouting
  • On a walk take a photo of the letters on road signs etc to spell out “Founders Day” (maybe link it to something like road safety or photography badges too)

If you have any suggestions / resources to add do let us know! Remember to follow The Scouts advice and guidance re virtual scouting.

Don’t forget to share what you get up to by submitting photos and some details too