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TUESDAY, 22nd SEPTEMBER, 8pm – 9pm

As many of you will be aware TSA changed the access permissions for many roles – including DCs, GSLs etc to allow them to enter validations on Compass for e-modules which generated a certificate of completion. The intention was to take pressure off TAs, LTMs and CTMs as the push for greater compliance continues. In doing so, they didn’t really provide any training for people in how to do this correctly and one of the bits of avoidable work that comes the way of LTMs and CTMs is correcting where things have gone wrong.

This is will be an online walk through of how to use Compass which will hopefully make everybody’s life a bit easier. Among the things to be covered are:

Entering an e-module validation (and where things can go wrong)
How to add modules to a training record (eg GDPR to a role)
What you can and cannot/should not do, etc.

There will be time for questions at the end.

Please email Ian.dugdale@cambridgeshirescouts.org.uk if you want to attend and of any other things you’d like covered.

This is not mandatory training (though you can enter the time on your ongoing learning log), so is completely voluntary. While the primary aim is to support roles with new permissions, there will be content of value to existing TAs should they want a refresher.

Organiser: Ian Dugdale