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On the 31st January each year all members of Cambridgeshire Scouts (of any age) are counted as part of the national annual census.

The Scouts carry out the annual census to create a detailed picture of the young people and adults that make up the membership. Knowing who the members are helps to better inform and deliver the support and services provided to meet their needs.. The census figures also provide information regarding the payment of the national membership fee for youth members and associated levies at various levels of the movement.

There is lots of really helpful information about the process, links to the site for those who have access (e-mails will have been received with passwords if you are going to need them) and some useful FAQs.

Any queries regarding the census in general please contact the relevant person in your Group / Unit / District in the first instance.

Cambridgeshire Scouts had grown (youth and adults) at the last census compared to the year before, so we look forward to seeing the results for this year!

For those Groups / Units who use “On-line Scout Manager” (OSM) and have the relevant access the process of gathering the data is really simple. There is a template e-mail (which you can edit), details get entered, you can see who still hasn’t replied (so you can follow up) and then anonymous aggregated data is shown – ready to enter into the national system. OSM have lots of helpful videos you can find when logged in too. If you are still unsure please e-mail communications@cambridgeshirescouts.org.uk.