Jamboree Unit touch down to UK after Life changing adventure

Two and a Half weeks after leaving the UK bound for Japan, the Participants of the Cambridgeshire Unit for the 23rd World Scout Jamboree have safely landed back at Huntingdon Race Course. It has been an experience with many ups and downs but the young people have made it their own and made it an experience of a lifetime.


Mark Royle, Unit Leader, expressed his pride in taking these young people to Japan during his short dismissal at the race course,

"we are all so impressed with how you have handled every challenge we have thrown at you, from the boarding of the bullet train, to the manic food collections. You all fully entered into the Jamboree spirit through the entire experience and for that we are extremely proud!"

Laura Fagg commented,

"The experience was one that I will remember for a lifetime and I cannot believe how the time has flown. I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends and telling them all about what I've been up to!"


As the young people recover from their jetlag and reflect on what they have just experienced, the parents are already noticing the fantastic effects such a trip has had on their children,

"Even though they are tired after such a long journey, I haven't stopped hearing about the amazing things they have been up to, truly some life long memories created here" (Dawn Rees mother to Sequoia and Treveena in the Unit)

It has been a truly memorable experience for all, and the young people will be reporting back about their adventures in Japan at the County report back and the special Unit report back in September and October, look out for emails inviting you to hear all about it.